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QoE solutions for OTT Streaming Media Providers

Transform content delivery with AI 

We live in a hyper-networked world





Internet services struggle to deliver great Quality of Experience (QoE)

Ask any Internet user and they will share a list of common complaints that are evidence of bad QoE. These include:


Rebuffering / stalls 




One-size-fits-none content delivery 

Different services have utterly different performance requirements (e.g., low latency for Live vs. high throughput for VoD), and different users experience different network conditions. However, content delivery across the Internet remains “one-size-fits-all,” which fails to adapt to the service’s needs and the prevailing network conditions. This “one-size-fits-none” leads to poor QoE.


Compira Labs’ solution: Personalized, QoE-oriented content delivery

Compira Labs’ AI solution provides online rate adaptation at the service’s traffic sources, which is tailored to the service-specific performance requirements and the local network conditions at each individual traffic source. By incorporating Compira Labs’ software into the server-side network stack at edge nodes, operators, service providers, and CDNs can continuously optimize QoE for subscribers. The end result is significantly improved user satisfaction and engagement, along with reduced churn and support overhead.


Compira Edge (CE)

The CE performs online-learning rate selection by employing Performance-oriented Congestion Control (PCC). The CE also continuously collects network statistics and supports  remote configuration of the PCC element. It is available for TCP and UDP based transport protocols.

Compira Cloud  (CC)

A ML-powered, cloud-based analytics engine. The CC receives a continuous stream of network statistics from the CE agents and leverages it for

  • Customizing individual traffic sources to adapt to the service’s needs and their local network conditions

  • Providing visibility into network behavior via a multi-tenant SaaS dashboard.

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