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The Ultimate Guide to Internet Congestion Control

Today’s internet is a busy and crowded place, with demand for network resources often outstripping supply. Internet users expect high speeds for video streaming, online gaming, video conferencing, and more, often competing for bandwidth. Without effective congestion control, everyone’s quality of experience will suffer.

But congestion control is a challenging topic to understand, and even harder to achieve. We created this ebook to explain:

  • What congestion control is (and is not)

  • Why congestion control matters for all internet users

  • The fundamental concepts behind congestion control theories

  • Why real world congestion control is so difficult to achieve

  • The most popular congestion control methods (and why they don’t always work)

  • A new approach to effective congestion control

Download the ebook to learn more about the congestion control solutions of tomorrow and why they matter.

Download ebook
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