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QoE solutions for OTT Streaming Media Providers


OTT provider boosts QoE with Compira Labs

A leading US service provider with a broad offering of OTT media came to us for assistance in improving quality of experience (QoE) for its millions of subscribers, and we were delighted to help. 


The service provider had ambitious plans to ramp up its subscriber base for OTT live and on-demand media streaming for live sports, exclusive content, and on-demand TV and movies, and they were confident they could meet their targets. But they also knew that poor QoE is a major factor driving churn and engagement among streaming media consumers. 


As chance would have it, the service provider first rolled out Compira Lab’s solution to their network subscribers during the peak of the COVID-19 lockdown, which only added to the pressure. Network traffic increased massively during lockdown as people sheltering at home consumed a lot more media. 


Yet it was important to them to differentiate their service by delivering more consistent HD content, viewing sessions uninterrupted by pauses or delays in the media stream, and an end to frustrating rebuffering and delayed video start times. Happily, they were able to improve on all metrics by implementing Compira Labs. 


Download the full case study to learn how much thy were able to push down rebuffering and low resolution sessions, and increase HD sessions.

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