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Demuxed 2020 was delightful

Last week, we had the great pleasure sponsoring the event Demuxed 2020, also known as the community for engineers working with video. The conference was buzzing and we enjoyed all the lively chat about video technology and everything to do with streaming media content over the internet.

Fascinating presentations on every aspect of video streaming

If you missed Demuxed 2020, you missed out on some fascinating presentations. At Compira Labs we are focused primarily on optimizing Quality of Experience for last-mile video delivery. So, the updates on QUIC (Lucas Pardue, Cloudflare) and webRTC (Sean DuBois, Amazon) were particularly interesting for us.

The stories of player misbehavior, told by Frank Paolino (Akamai) were important and educational (and somewhat frightening ;). Denise Noyes (Facebook) presentation describing Facebook’s streaming solution deployed in India was fascinating and gave a lot of tips on how data driven customization can lead to better QoE at scale.

We loved Jeremy Brown’s (Optus) presentation describing practical approaches to building trick view scrubbing. Michael Rappaport (Disney) shared the challenges that Disney had to overcome when their Disney Streaming Services live video quality control staff moved to work from home due to COVID-19 - Agility is the name of the game in these awkward times.

And there were lots of other interesting, intriguing and revealing presentations - We finished those three days exhausted.

The fun never ended on the Demuxed Slack channel

The awesome presentations weren’t the only thing that made Demuxed 2020 such an exciting experience. The virtual chat on Slack was lively, interesting, and informative every minute of the day. That’s not just a metaphor; because this was a live event with attendees from every time zone, there was never an hour when someone wasn’t awake and having an enthusiastic Slack conversation with a bunch of like-minded video streaming fans.

Just like at any good conference, our “booth” also gave out event swag! We made a donation to Acumen, the non-profit that’s taking a revolutionary - and successful - approach to overcoming global poverty, for every person who registered on our site. Acumen acts like a VC fund for philanthropic, sustainable entrepreneurship, supporting grassroots companies and emerging leaders for social change to develop their solutions and improve the lives of millions of people living in poverty worldwide. We thought this giveaway would have a more positive impact on the world than a drawing for an iphone, and we hope you agree.

At Compira Labs, we all came away from Demuxed refreshed, recharged, and buzzing with new ideas and approaches. Next up: Mobile 5G Innovation Israel, Nov. 17-18. It’s not too late to register, hope to see you (virtually) there!

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