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Cloud gaming

The gaming market is exploding with over 2.5 billion gamers. Cloud gaming is revolutionizing the gaming industry. By storing games in the cloud and streaming them directly to the user's device, cloud gaming enables users to stop downloading games to expensive gaming consoles and, instead, play games on any mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

Cloud gaming needs top notch QoE

Unlike traditional gaming services, cloud gaming services rely on the Internet, where good Quality of Experience (QoE) is hard to achieve. Typical challenges include:

Bad QoE leads to user frustration when games are lost due to low responsiveness or suffer connection issues. This results in reduced engagement with the service and high subscriber churn.


One-size-fits-none content delivery

The performance requirements of cloud gaming services are utterly rigid requiring high and extremely stable bandwidth with no tolerance for responsiveness issues. Such performance should be achieved for every single player or multiplayer which might face dramatically different network conditions when playing multiplayer games. Yet, content delivery  remains “one-size-fits-all,” failing to adapt to the specific needs of the prevailing network conditions at different locations. The outcome is a poor QoE.

Compira Labs’ solution: Personalized, QoE-oriented content delivery

The Compira Labs solution provides online rate adaptation at the cloud gaming servers, which is tailored to the service-specific performance requirements and the local network conditions at each individual traffic origin. By incorporating the Compira Labs solution into the server-side network stack at the cloud gaming servers, QoE can be continuously optimized for subscribers. The result: higher user satisfaction and engagement, and reduced churn and support overhead.


Compira Edge (CE)

The CE performs online-learning rate selection by employing Performance-oriented Congestion Control (PCC). The CE also continuously collects network statistics and supports remote configuration of the PCC element. It is available for different UDP based delivery networks.

Compira Cloud  (CC)

A ML-powered, cloud-based analytics engine. The CC receives a continuous stream of network statistics from the CE agents and leverages it for

  • Customizing individual traffic sources to adapt to the service’s needs and their local network conditions

  • Providing visibility into network behavior via a multi-tenant SaaS dashboard.

Customers that benefit from
Compira Labs solution for video streaming



Why Compira Labs?
Smiling Man with Glasses
Excellent Quality of Experience (QoE)  
  • Significant reduction in gaming load time and latency 

  • Higher gaming responsiveness and quality  

  • Work smoothly on multiplayer games 

  • Increase customer satisfaction while reducing churn

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  • Software only

  • Server-side only

  • No change to the gaming app

  • Drop-in replacement into UDP/TCP

Seamless upgrade
Make the most of your network
  • Delay infrastructure investment 

  • Improve visibility into delivery network behavior 

  • Offer more advanced services

Proven technology 
  • On both UDP and TCP based delivery 

  • Across diverse networks (mobile, 5G, wired, etc.)

  • UHD 4K & 8K

  • Integrated AR,VR and MR

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